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Descriptions   Hato Polyurethane is a moisture cured polyurethane finish. It produced by special polyurethane resin, high gloss, pale in color, good flexibility, extremely mar and abrasion resistance, high impact strength, good chemical and heat resistance.
Uses    Excellent for coating on wooden surfaces, parquet floorings, furniture or dancing floors etc. and where is subjected to much impact and abrasion.
Physical properties

Moisture-cured Polyurethane



Texture high gloss
Spreading rate
35 40 sq.m.per U.S. gallon
Dry film thickness

30 35 microns

Specific gravity

0.924 0.977

Application Brush

Hato Urethane Thinner

Surface Preparation
Before painting make sure the surface is dry and clean free from grease, oil, wax. For best adhesion we recommend that old coat should be removed to the bare substrate. Dull glossy surfaces by wiping with a steel wool or by sand papering.
Painting System
After prepared the surface properly, apply 2-3 coats of Hato Polyurethane. Do not apply too thick per coat, otherwise curing will be impeded since moisture cannot penetrate through the film. Allow at least 6 hours to dry before recoat. When thinning is required use Hato Urethane Thinner only.
Do not apply over lacquer, shellac or fast drying stearated sanding sealers. They do not permit good adhesion.
Keep tin tightly closed when not in use. Once the tin is open, application should not be delayed, as material is liable to become hard.
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