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Descriptions  A clear nitrocellulose lacquers for the decoration of all woodwork where the emphasis on the natural beauty of wood grain is of prime importance. It is very high build, pale in color and quick through drying.
Uses    It is ideal for the decoration of all woodworks such as home and shop furniture’s, wooden panels, trims, windows, doors, cabinets etc.
Physical properties

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Specific gravity
0.88 – 0.99
Drying time Touch Dry  5 – 10 minutes
Recoat  1 – 2 hours
Hard Dry  1 – 2 hours
Spreading rate

40 – 45 sq.m. / U.S. gallon / Coat

Dry film thickness
25 – 30 microns
Application Brushor spray gun
Flash point

5 °C

Mixing Ratio

1 part Lacquer to be mixed thoroughly with 1- 2 parts  Thinner (By volume)


Hato Lacquer Thinner T-91

Surface Preparation
Be sure the surface is dry and free of all dirt, wax, grease or other foreign matter. Wooden surface should be sanded smooth and primed with appropriate wood sealer.
Painting System
On the properly prepared surface, prime with one coat of Hato Sanding Sealer, follow by 2–3 coats of Hato Clear Gloss Lacquer. For Matt Clear Lacquer stir thoroughly before use, after seal with Hato Sanding Sealer, follow by 2–3 coats of Hato Clear Gloss Lacquer and topcoat with Hato Matt Clear Lacquer 1–2 coats. Hato Matt Clear Lacquer is completely compatible with the Hato Clear Gloss Lacquer. By controlling the mixing ratio of these lacquers, a wide range of glossiness can be obtained.

Flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale.

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