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Descriptions   Hato Coal Tar Epoxy is a two-component; Part A (Polyamine and Coal tar) and Part B (Epoxy). Its corrosion protection being excellent in water, rust resistance, extremely mar and abrasion resistance, high impact strength, good chemical and heat resistance.
Uses  Its suitable for surface protection for example steel structure, ship, water pipe, oil pipe, bridge, wood and concrete.
Physical properties
Colour Black or Brown
Drying time
Touch Dry  : Approx 12 hours
Recoat: After 6 hrs. but not over 36 hrs.
Hard Dry  : 3-5 days

89 95 KU (Part A mix with Part B)

Specific gravity
1.3 1.4 (Part A mix with Part B)
Flash point

Approx 25 °C

Spreading rate
20-40 sq.m. / U.S. gallon / Coat
Wet film thickness

70 microns.

Dry film thickness 50 microns.
Mixing ratio Part A : Part B = 4 : 1 by volume
Packing 1/4 US ͹, 1 US ͹

6 hours

Surface Preparation
Make sure the surface is dry and clean, free from rust, millscale, loose old paint, dirt, grease or waxy contaminant.
Top coat

Apply directly 2 3 coats of Hato COAL TAR EPOXY directly to the well prepared surface


Brush, Roller or Spray Gun

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